Step 1: Give it a try, first class is free

First Time Crossfitters

We offer a FREE trial class the first Saturday of every month at 10AM during which we discuss your goals and expectations, and explain the CrossFit method. This class is an hour long, please try to arrive 10 minutes early.

What to expect on your FREE trial class:

  • Explanation of “what is CrossFit?”

  • How a “WOD” class session is conducted at CFGSP.

  • Our priority on safe, functional movements that will make you more fit.

  • A sample CrossFit workout of the day (WOD).

  • An opportunity to sign up for membership and have all your questions answered.

The next step after your trial class, would be to enroll into our “Fundamentals” program. This is an introductory program that all newcomers must complete before participating in our regular “WODs”. Feel free to contact us for more information.

Experienced CrossFitters

If you are an experienced CrossFitter, come join us for a FREE trial class during any of our regular WODs. Experience Crossfitters can opt-out of our Fundamentals program when becoming a member at CrossFit GSP.

Step 2: Join Fundamentals

Option 1: One-On-One Fundamentals

Enroll into our “Fundamentals” program: we offer the convenience of scheduling “3 private fundamentals sessions” on your appointed time and date with one of our coaches. 

It will be a combination of body weight exercises, basic gymnastics, kettle bells, barbell lifts & more. The goal of the program is to progress your knowledge & technique to a level that will enable you to join our regular group classes. Each Fundamentals class builds on the previous and the movements get more technical as the program progresses. Therefore, it is imperative that you take them in order.

You will need to attend all 3 sessions in order to graduate to the regular classes/”WOD” instructed by our premier coaches. 

Call us today, for pricing and details.

Step 3: Join your CrossFit WOD Class