Danny can date back as far as high school when he  discovered he loved to workout. The challenge and reward that stemmed from it is like no other. As Danny became older he sought out new ways to improve his fitness. He tried everything from spin class, kickboxing, TRX to kettlebell training. All were good, however there was something still missing...the competitive drive. So in 2010 he found Crossfit and it was love at first sight. 

There was so much to do and so much to learn everyday, he was addicted (and still is). Not to mention the community that comes with it; it's like you become part of a family. Danny wanted to add being a coach to the repertoire to complement his career as a personal trainer. The training completely changed his life.

From that point on he wanted to pursue sharing his passion for Crossfit with everyone.

As a coach he strives to help you be as fit and strong as possible.  Danny aims to ensure that technique is sound and you are safe performing intense structured classes. He is usually found during open gym time, come join him for a WOD!