This Peruvian-born Crossfiter was introduced to fitness at a young age. In his teens, Eduardo trained at a high-demand elite level for the Peruvian Football Federation (FPF) and made advances in his soccer career playing for Peruvian teams recognized by the International Federation of Association Football (FIFA). With endurance-focused training for competitive soccer, he developed extensive stamina and powerful body weight gymnastic skills, but he was never introduced to proper weightlifting training. He performs strict muscle-ups, which gave him the acknowledgement to be sought after by athletes looking for their first muscle-up. When immigrating to the United States in 2002, Eduardo found himself in a new culture with different values that focused more on football than the futbol he knew and loved. He found himself in a Globo Gym tired of the same old gym routine that “wasn’t cutting it.” In July of 2011, Eduardo emerged upon the Crossfit world. After Eduardo’s first Crossfit class (a class that left him on the ground covered in sweat trying to figure out what happened) he fell in love with it. Through the Crossfit methodology, he found a new, more profound understanding of fitness, as a union of combined disciplines that developed a whole athlete: stronger, faster, and more focused. It was simply a life changing and humbling experience.