Juan’s motto is “motivate, inspire and aspire” he lives by these three words. Motivate others to get going, inspire them to be better and aspire to inspire. He believes nobody is a natural. You work hard to get good and then you work harder to get better.  As a former “fat kid” being 195 lbs. at the age of 13, he found the importance of fitness and living a healthy lifestyle. He joined his High School rowing team, rowing pushed him over his limits and with that he discovered his passion for hard, grueling workouts. Since then rowing has been a big part of his life, going from being on the water as an athlete to coach. Later on he started training using Crossfit in early 2013. Crossfit pushed him harder than any other training, he began to realize each day he was stronger than the last, and with realizing that, Crossfit became a big part of his life and so he furthered his knowledge and became a Crossfit level 1 trainer with the purpose of teaching proper technique, and efficient ways to be a more functional member of this amazing community. Juan believes everyone is capable for greatness you just have to put in the sweat, the time, and the dedication. Nothing worth having comes easy