This disciplined athlete first encountered CrossFit when he fortuitously saw the CrossFit Games playing on television at his local gym. With a new ambition to try this challenging sport, Robin tried his first WOD in March of 2012 and he hasn’t looked back. The idea of constantly varied functional movements performed at high intensity was EXACTLY what he was looking for. His defined discipline in executing Olympic lifts with precision and technique marked him above others. Robin consistently achieved weightlifting movements with such body control that each motion, regardless if he is hitting a personal record or lifting high repetitions with low weight, is textbook appropriate. He turned his passion and skill of working out into a career, when he became a CrossFit Level 1 Trainer. Robin consistently strives to perform equally as well as a coach as compared to an athlete. His true goal is to motivate and inspire others to pull some heavy weight, reach new records, and feel good about themselves. It is without question that his athletic ability reared him for a great CrossFit career. Robin’s athletic background in collegiate tennis and ability to lift heavy and put up some high numbers, deadlifting over three times his bodyweight for instance, are astounding and inspirational. It is without understanding that Robin is aware of the hard work that has to be put in to attain one’s aspirations. He loves to help athletes truly become the best they can be and unleash their full potential, so long as you are not afraid of breakin’ a sweat! Coach Robin can keep beginners and pros on track with his positivity and technique-focused instruction. As long as you put your mind into it, anything and everything is achievable!