Salman's fitness journey has taken many twists and turns. He started out running marathons, then triathlons, cardio kickboxing, and mud obstacle course runs... Until about 3 years ago when he finally decided to give CrossFit a sincere trial. All the endurance training he had done before CrossFit definitely worked to his advantage, but he soon found that he was lacking serious strength and mobility. He quickly fell in love with the modus operandi of CrossFit; more specifically, being able to definitively quantify progress in measurable domains of physical fitness, mainly, speed and strength. He still competes in Triathlon and has found that even without the drudgery of countless hours of triathlon training, his finish times are very comparable, but with the added bonus of being significantly stronger. A Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner by day, and a CrossFitter by night, Salman works hard to be able to balance his work life, family life, and his fitness time. Salman and his wife Arlyn both train at CrossFit GSP. It is a passion which they both share and can enjoy together. It is both Salman's and Arlyn's hope that their daughters, Samara and Annika, will understand the importance of physical fitness and health through their pursuit of fitness and health.