Monday, July 31 2017.

Monday, July 31 2017.



OLY - Every 2:00, 8 Rounds

Power Snatch
Overhead Squat
Hang SQUAT Snatch
Overhead Squat

*Perform all sets @ 80-100+% of complex MAX.


WOD - CFG Open Workout 13.2

AMRAP 10 *
5 Shoulder to OH
10 Deadlifts
15 Box Jumps [24/20]

Rx - 115/75
Scaled - 95/55



GSP Body:

Partner Hero WOD - 'Scooter' *

AMRAP 30 *
30 DU / 60 Singles
15 Pullups
15 Pushups
100m Run

*One works, one rests, switch after FULL round completed.

INDIVIDUAL - Rest 1:30 after each round.


*Sgt. Scott Lunger, of Brentwood, California, died July 22, 2015, after being gunned down during a traffic stop. A second officer returned fire, hitting the suspect who was later caught and taken into police custody. Lunger, 48, had served the Hayward Police Department since 2001 as a beat cop, on the special duty unit, gang task force, SWAT, was a Field Training Officer and acting lieutenant at the time of his death. Lunger is survived by his daughters, Ashton and Saralyn; brother and sister-in-law, Mike and Shey; brother Todd; sister and brother-in-law, Michelle and Lance Schroeder; father and stepmother, Paul and Donna; half sister, Ciara; and many other family and friends. He is preceded in death by his mother, Alice.